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Submission to our next Auction / scheduling of an appraisal appointment

For our new guests on this website we would like to briefly describe how you can submit your instrument or bow to our next auction or private sale:

We recommend that you first send us a simple photo of you instrument, either via email or regular mail, so that we can make an initial assessment. Thereafter you may schedule an individual submission appointment with us. Usually, submission occur in our Aachen office, but in the event of a large collection we also offer to pick up the collection at your place. In addition we offer submissions and expert appointments to appraise your instrument in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. For the individual dates please call us under +49 (0) 241/69090 at our main office in Aachen. Any submissions must be made at least six weeks prior to the auction.

When we receive the instruments, we will jointly agree on an attribution and reservation price. We will only sell the instrument at our auction, if the instrument in fact reaches this price.

Our thirty years of experience enable us to perform an optimal assessment, description and presentation of your instrument not only in our high-quality color catalog and our redesigned website. Here we present your instrument to the internationally largest groups of tradespeople. A successful sale is almost guaranteed. Our sales commission is 10% of the hammer price. The payment occurs within four weeks after the auction. If desired, we will insure your instrument for a small fee. Nevertheless, we stress that over the course of more than fourty years not a single instrument has been damaged. This is due to our careful storage and supervised exhibition.

We are always ready to answer any additional question.

We would be happy to welcome you soon as a new customer.